Jungle Trekking at Bedugul


Full day tour of trekking through virgin South East Asian rainforest by stunning carter lakes nestled in the central highlands of Bali


Trek through a junggle and lake scenery to experience an authentic side of Bali, away from the unusual tourist spots. Breath in the delectable oxygen served by biodiversity in the jungle of northwest Bali, Observing the variety of wildlife and soaking in the sounds of birds, insect and monkeys that will give you a unique experince


Driving deep into the heartland of Bali with Bali Eco Cycling experinced guide, you will be led through this wonderful world of nature pointing out plants and flowers, explaining benefts to mankind and to local fauna and stops to show you the best views in the area.


After trekking through the rainforest you will arrive at the ancient temple on the edge of the lake and have a short rest and snack/fruit break. Afterwards, track along the lakeside and get a different view of the flora and fauna living this stunning environment.

Weather permitting, you will return by dug-out canoe, with two hulls lashed together with wood to create a stable bihull (Caramaran-style). A freshly cooked picnic featuring fish from the lake and local produce awaits by the lakeshore. After resting to enjoy the lakeside calm, we drive back along spectacular spur overlooking two carter lakes where we'll see monkeys playing in the forest by the side of the road.

On the way home, you can opt to stop at a local strawberry farm, a lakeside pagoda or a market selling fruit, flowers and other local produce.


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  • Cancelation prior 3 days

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